Working in the World of Interiors


Some people dream of being an interior designer from an early age. One such person was Sophie Conran. The BBC wrote the following article on those who want to pursue their dreams back in 2014: Pip Cox the MD at Joyce Guiness has worked in recruitment for nearly 20 years and has noticed a rise in people wanting to work in the creative sector, especially the world of Interiors.  At Joyce Guiness we cover a variety of jobs with about 50% of them in the luxury sector: art galleries, luxury retail and interiors.


When asked to recruit for interiors companies, our clients request candidates who have a proven interest or some kind of passion in the interiors world that is demonstrated or shown on their CV. This could be anything from work experience or a course.  With so many people interested in this area it’s becoming increasingly hard to make sure you stand out from the crowd.


In order to break into interior design, firstly you need to be adamant this industry is for you. Having passion and hunger will really spur you into getting that highly needed experience that will demonstrate this.


A proven interest is a step in the right direction and attending trade shows is a great place to start to see if interior design appeals. There are plenty that take place in and around London, e.g. London Design Week or Decorex.  It is worthwhile going to these events, attending some lectures and getting to meet some of the exhibitors.  We also suggest that you pop along to Chelsea Harbour Design Centre as there are several companies that have showrooms and the Chelsea Design Centre seems to be the interiors hub of London.  You will get to have a look around and get a feel for the industry and no doubt will get speaking to some of the showroom assistants so hear about life in interiors.


In order to get an expert opinion we spoke to Vaughan Design about what they look for in a CV and what advice they would give to people who are looking to get into interior design.  Their advice is simple:

  • Try to get into a showroom and start in administration or as a showroom assistant and from there work your way up
  • Enrolling and completing an Interior Design course at either KLC School or Inchbald is a great way in
  • Secure some work experience or an internship to get a feel of the industry

It may tricky to break into the world of interior design, but as long as you try your hardest to get some experience (even if it does require giving up your time and volunteering for free) you’re half way there. With so much competition enthusiasm is key. Don’t give up! 


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