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I started my career working in television running the events at their Head Office. The number of events we used to do used to overwhelm me sometimes. Knowing how much work was involved was incredible and when you are running 3 – 5 events a day, outsourcing some of the work was my only option. Bringing in agency staff was a brilliant way of managing the workload and to ensure efficiency. This used to range from staff helping set up the event, to staff working there, managing the guest list along with meeting and greeting clients.

When I became a Personal Assistant, there would be times when you would need to bring in a temp, sometimes at really short notice and this is where having a temp agency is great. You can get a temp within a short amount of time. Whether it’s to cover projects, sickness, holiday’s, peak periods etc. Temporary work is just one of the ways that businesses can offer flexibility and at the same time better meet their own needs.

Bringing a temp on board can also be a good way to getting work done whilst you continue your search for the “perfect” candidate. If you are recruiting for a permanent position and need support in the interim,  a temp candidate is perfect, sometimes they end up being your “perfect” candidate. Temp-Perm is always a great way of seeing how it works, for both you and the candidate. If it doesn’t work out, you both call the agency and allow them to do the rest.

The cost of hiring a temp is often cheaper than the cost of hiring a permanent candidate with benefits. This also applies to short FTC. When you bring an agency in to provide temporary staff, they – not you – become the temp workers employer. They are responsible for the recruiting, screening and hiring. Along with; employee’s NI, Holiday Pay to name a few.

Here at Joyce Guiness, we have a huge range of temps who have worked in a number of industries in a variety of roles (Office Managers, Receptionist, PA’s, Executive Assistants and many more!!) If you need help with a temp, please do get in touch! Whether you need help with data entry for the GDPR (it’s happening, we can’t hide anymore!) to the office move, or even stuffing envelopes! We are here to help!

Get in touch today and ask for Nicky on 0207 589 8807

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