Why is balance so important in our lives? Annelies N. (OMBS Grad blog)



In the chaotic lives we live in, the pace of life only seems to get faster. Sometimes we struggle to achieve the right balance and end up overcompensating or burning ourselves out. As humans, we need stability to regain the balance and feeling of serenity.


Things to help achieve the work-life balance:


When we relax, our heart rate slows down allowing the blood flow to increase around our body. When we can think with a calmer mind it leads to, increased concentration and improved energy levels.

  • Deep breathing techniques – find a safe quiet place and close your eyes, breath gently through your nose, and breath out through your mouth
  • Enjoy a warm bath – create a safe, homely atmosphere around you with scented candles and low-volume songs to boost your mind. Recent studies show that baths help lower your core body temperature which decreases stress and anxiety
  • Read a book – maybe read a different type of book, this will broaden your mind



Fitness is well-known to boost our mindset and strengthen our body to help reduce chronic health conditions as well as improve our mental health. Fitness is key to unlocking chemical endorphins in our brains, this will lead to feeling positive.

  • You must do whatever is right for your body
  • If this means working out for 10 mins a day with 1 set or 30-40 mins a day once every two days, it’s about you
  • Longer forms of exercise such as walking, helps to clear and reset the mind
  • It’s about understanding your own body, working out a plan that suits you best and how to keep motivated, no two people are the same
  • Short exercise – HIIT, Gym, Yoga, Pilates
  • Longer exercise – Swimming, jogging, Running, Riding
  • Taking part in competitions can help give you a goal to achieve and boost your motivation



Leisure is an important factor in our lives. Leisure helps to maintain the physical and mental health of our bodies.

  • Enjoy a hobby – knitting, sowing, silversmithing, cooking/ baking being creative
  • Learning a new language – may be using apps such as Duolingo, listening to films in another language with subtitles on in English. This can help to enhance problem-solving skills. Whilst languages can often help develop verbal and spatial abilities.
  • Book a holiday abroad or in the UK – Fun and exciting adventure to look forward to
  • Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will help to build your confidence and reduce anxiety



Human existence would not be the same without society.

  • To find a club that has many interests for you
  • Focus on who you are and don’t try to fit in with a group with people who have alternative views to you