What are the benefits of using a recruitment agency instead of internal recruitment?


We have been tackling lockdown and the effects of this pandemic for some time now, and also the impact it has had on the workplace. We have found there are less quality candidates than there are roles and that is the very reason a recruitment agency is an investment that will save time and money. Joyce Guiness has been practicing for over 50 yrs and myself 20 years. With this length of time not only comes grey hair and a few wrinkles, but most of all wisdom, and a knowledge of the market that takes years of experience to know how to navigate. I have seen recessions, market crashes, and now a pandemic, but all through this, we must keep working, even harder now than ever.

Yes, there are adjustments that need to be made to morph to the new norm, but as humans, we are more resilient than we realise and morphing is part of our survival. This all sounds rather dramatic, and for some, this pandemic has been, but we as an agency are here to help candidates and clients with advice as well as offering a recruitment service. We understand the markets well and also have top candidates on our books, our services save you time and also find you a candidate that has more chance of being placed and staying, and in turn, saves you money. We can advise you on new legislation with hybrid work, how the market is reacting, what candidates expect, and also work out the best salaries to work well with your budget. So in short YES using a recruitment agency will have a fee, but that fee is absorbed and refunded in the long run when you can grow your industry with quality staff and have a recruitment agency like Joyce Guiness right behind you who will give you ongoing support.