It feels like it was just the other day that I was writing about ‘New Year, New Me’, we are all very proud of ourselves as we have stuck to all our resolutions (Go JG!)

Valentines Day falls in February. In this blog, we will be looking at all things extravagant and not so extravagant to make even the most hard-hearted want to celebrate this, sometimes over exaggerated day.


Before I dive into describing my recommendations for restaurants in London, I thought that I would throw out a few facts about our capital city’s restaurant culture. There are 17,000 restaurants in London, from that, 66 have Michelin stars and the average cost of a meal with a bottle of wine for two is £60. It is a known fact that Londoners love to eat out, but did you know that on average the people of London eat out 3 times a week?! Here is my pick for the best supper/meal you could find yourself eating in London on 14th February.

If you are looking to push the boat out, Clos Maggiore are offering the supper of dreams. For a mere £155 per person this restaurant, (known by some as ‘the most romantic in London’) is offering a five course meal with a glass of champagne.

Another popular option is that of Chi Kitchen on Oxford Street. The Masterchef winner of 2014 Ping Coombes has come up with a menu which even includes heart shaped California Roll sushi.

My particular fave is the meal at the Sky Garden.  This meal includes many exotic dishes including fois gras and Aberdeen angus beef. It is set in a private room with your own butler. There are incredible views across London, but when that gets too much you can just touch the window and it frosts up. You cannot deny this sounds amazing, but so it should when you need a small mortgage to eat there, a whopping £5,000- sign me up!


Let’s be honest the best bit about Valentine’s day whether single or in a relationship is the cocktails. I have found my favourite pick of cocktails available in London (my word I have some bars to be visiting in my spare time):

I will start this one off with the most expensive. This is at Gigi’s in Mayfair. The cocktail of choice will set you back £9,000 (which equates to £170 a slurp). You will be drinking 1880 Samalens Vielle Relique Vintage Bas Armagnac brandy as well as 1990 Cristal. Not forgetting the lashings of gold leaf which are put on top of it!

The B + B King cocktail at Purple Bar in the Sanderson hotel contains 1940’s Martell extra and 1940’s Benedictine herbal liqueur. To be able to drink this luxury however you will need to dig deep as it costs £340! Think I will be sticking to my Parrot Bay cocktails!

If you are looking for an affordable but tasty drink, I think that you cannot beat the London Cocktail Club, who have bars in Islington, Soho and many other locations around Central London.  My personal recommendation would be to try the Espresso Martini, which does not just give you creamy goodness, but also comes with a bourbon biscuit ( what more could you want than a choccy biscuit to provide you with energy for the rest of the night?!). It is also an added bonus that it is literally 1000 x cheaper than the cocktail at Gigi’s!!


If, this year you have decided to make Valentines day a mega extravaganza, look no further than here!

Battersea Dogs and Cats home are opening their doors so that you can cuddle the cutest cats and dogs that London have to offer. Not only will you be able to hug away your worries, you will also be given a free glass of champagne! The dream! The only catch is that you have to be single!

If dancing is more your scene, you can dance away the night at a silent disco on the Cutty Sark. Those who are single may also find someone to celebrate Valentines day with next year!

Jazzing up supper can easily be done with the Valentines day Romantic Cruise. £125 will get you a three course meal, a welcome glass of champagne and on board live entertainment. If that is not enough, they are even throwing in a red rose- phwoar they know the way to a girls’ hearts!