Education Vs Me. Cia M. (OMBS Graduate Blog)


At this point I realised all I needed to do is something I really loved, and I could do it and was more than capable, I was just lacking confidence. I went from someone with little self-assurance in the things I could achieve to realising my parents had set me up with the opportunity to accomplish anything and everything I could ever want, all I needed to do is put my mind to it.


I had aspirations of going to Oxford Brookes with an unconditional offer, joining all my friends. Within 3 months of working in a restaurant and meeting the most amazing people, I realised quickly that doing three years in a classroom again was just not for me.


My mind suddenly opened and this whole new aspect of life started to appear. This was news for everyone, especially my parents. I worked tirelessly for four months before going off traveling and saying goodbye to all the anxiety I had before, starting my own life and being me! I found out about Oxford Media and Business school by complete chance, at a dinner party which I wasn’t initially meant to attend. I met someone there who gave me the drive to do something different, stand out from the crowd and BE ME!


Now coming to the end of my course I couldn’t be prouder of myself; it has been a difficult year but my goodness I would have never thought I would ever enjoy sitting in a classroom again. I have come over covid in the first month and had to battle pneumonia for months while giving my all to a course I thoroughly enjoyed, living with my now, best friends and moving to London in September. A year and a half ago I would have never imagined this for myself.


The moral of the story, DO YOU, never follow the crowd, you will find yourself as soon as you find what you love.