Thoughts from the MD

REQUIRED Front of HouseAdmin Temp for fabulous client in SW London. £11 – 13hour Including holiday pay. Start 4 Oct – 8 Nov (1)

At this time of year it’s normal to reflect back on the year we’ve had, and think about the type of new year we would like to see ahead. It may seem we have little control over things against the backdrop of the dreaded COVID, and its impact on our life and freedom, but it is worth reminding you that there are things very much within our control when it comes to our immediate surroundings.

We spend a huge amount of time at work, thinking about work, talking about work, travelling to work and so on, therefore, it’s important that we constantly question what’s good for us. So, we encourage you to ask is your job one that you truly look forward to on a Monday morning? Does it inspire you? Are you excited to knuckle down and give it your all? Do you have a great team to work with? Are bosses or peers a positive influence on you? There are many questions worth asking yourself, and there are many vacancies out there that could give you the answer you are looking for! Do not be afraid of change, life is too short and – as we have seen over the last three years – it can be unpredictable too.

So, with that in mind, have a think about a new future for yourself and visualise what it might look like.

We are always here for advice and to talk you through where your skills may be best suited; some skill sets cross over into other industries that you may not have even thought about. Get your CV updated (see tips below for a good CV), plus it’s often a confidence boost to see your achievements in black and white.

Read some recruiter blogs for inspiration; Sirona Says and Undercover Recruiter are a good place to start as they are well known for providing valuable insights. It’s also worth registering with a few agencies, so you can get a feel for those that best understand your needs, but also those that cover the kind of roles you are looking for.

The right job is out there but it can take time – but always time well spent.