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If you would like to register with us, then simply email your CV and one of our consultants will give you a call… [email protected].

People temp for a variety of reasons, perhaps because they are not in a position to commit to a long term role, or because they’re not yet sure what they want from a permanent job. There are three main types of temp bookings:

Long term/Contract

  • These include things like maternity leave, or sabbatical cover. We usually have plenty of notice and the client will want to see CVs and interview potential candidates, not dissimilar to a permanent placement.

Medium term

  • These include things like holiday cover. There is usually some notice, and the client will usually look at CVs and occasionally interview.

Short term

These include things like sickness cover, or staff training days. Notice is a luxury in instances like this, and we most likely get a call from a client when their office opens requiring someone for that day. This is when we make urgent calls and send candidates straight down on the strength of our knowledge of them.

Whatever your reason, here are some useful tips for when you start temping through Joyce Guiness:

Keep in touch
Call or email every Thursday to let us know your plans for the following week, including any holiday plans or appointments that you have organised. If you’re away for a long period of time, give us a call/email us a week before you get back so we know you’re looking for work

Contact details
Make sure we have the right contact details for you, let us know if you lose your phone or change your number.

Answer the phone
You’d be amazed how many people looking for temporary work don’t answer their phones when we call them. Our clients often need people at short notice, so if you don’t pick up, we’ll have to call someone else and you’ll lose out!

Allow time
Please allow extra time on the first day of your booking, punctuality is vital. If you are going to be late, please ensure you ring the office on
020 7589 8807 and/or the client to let them know.

Dress correctly
If in doubt, it is better to arrive ‘suited and booted’ for all temporary assignments. You can test the waters on your first day and dress accordingly. General rule is – always be immaculate!

Mobile Phones
Remember to TURN OFF your mobile phone during a booking. Chatting or texting can be very frustrating for the client.  If you do need to make a call or send a text then please ensure you ask your line manager first.

SicknessPrint off a copy of your timesheet from our website and fill in the relevant hours, ensure that the timesheet is signed by your line manager and leave a copy with them. Fax a copy to our offices on 020 7584 4413 either at the end of the booking or before you leave work on Friday afternoon.

Tax Info

When you work through Joyce Guiness we will ask for your P45 which you must get from your previous employer.

If you don’t have a P45 because, for example, you’re starting your first job or taking on a second job without giving up your other one, you can print off a P46 from the website below.  It contains important information which affects the amount of tax you will pay, such as whether:

  • This is your first job
  • You have another job
  • You are paying off a student loan

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