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Virtual interviews

Virtual interviews are becoming the ‘norm’ and for a lot of people it can be hard to do an interview virtually as most people find it tricky to shine on screen. Below I’ve listed some tips and ideas on how to make the most of your interview: Set up First and foremost make sure you are in a quiet spot. Find an area where you won’t be disturbed – find a room/area that no children can barge into or barking dogs wont stray into. Stay well away from flat mates who might be chatting to their mates on calls, traffic and even people walking outside your window. It may sounds silly but it is amazing how sound travels and how off putting and disturbing background noise can be. Trust me I know having a daughter who is currently home schooling and dogs that seem to bark at any bird that comes into our garden! Make sure you are seated at either a desk or a kitchen/dining room table and that you aren’t lounging on your sofa or even worse, bed! Clear clutter – you don’t want your possible future employer to think you live in complete chaos! It’s always an idea to have a bit of fresh air in your room to keep you alert but be aware of the noise level if your window overlooks a very busy road..

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