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Sistr Speed Mentoring Lunch

On Wednesday, Pip and Louisa went to a Sistrs Speed Mentoring lunch; Pip was speaking about the ways in which you can write an attention-grabbing CV and ‘nail’ your interview preparation, ensuring that you leave a strong lasting impression. For those of you that don’t know anything about Sistr, it’s a network where women can connect, support and learn from each other. It’s aimed at women in business and offers you instant support from a wide range of women, all with different business experiences, with varying advice to give. The lunch was held in order for the Sistrs, and other women who were looking for a ‘leg up’ in their careers, to be able to mingle, network and ask questions. Everyone could also listen to the four ‘Gurus’ who were there to talk about how they got to where they are today and to impart their top tips relating to their area of expertise. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet many people, with such a wide range of experience and get instant answers on areas where you may have had questions. Pip and Louisa had a great time meeting and talking to everyone and hearing about their experiences whilst sharing useful tips to assist with their next interviews and job applications! Sistr are doing a fantastic thing, allowing women from all areas of the working world, to form a..

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