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The Advantages of Temping

Are you on University holidays or have you just graduated and are looking to gain some office experience and make some summer pocket money? Temp work has various advantages and it is something that we recommend doing, not only to help build up your CV but also to get a feel for different types of offices and industries and perhaps help you decide what sort of environment you would like to work in eventually. Some people may think that temping offers you the odd day here and there; there are also opportunities to spend weeks to months within the same temp job. Whatever period of time it is that you are looking to fill, you will likely be able to find a temp job to match. Below are some of the top advantages of temping. Try before you buy If you are unsure of the sort of industry, office or role that you would like to go into or perhaps haven’t spent any time in an office before, then temping offers you the opportunity to experience different environments and varying roles (depending on prior experience), allowing you to gain experience and ‘try before you buy’. This is a great thing as it means that when you come to look for a full time job, if that is what you would like to do, then you may have a more defined..

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