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Our Night with Kiko…

OUR NIGHT WITH KIKO MATTHEWS   We have been talking about Kiko on our social media and blogs for quite a while now. So when Kiko asked if we wanted her to do a talk we absolutely leapt at the opportunity. If you have read our blogs on her before, you will know that we completely admire and respect what she is doing. Having heard her talk we are now in utter awe of her! Last night, we had such a great evening at the Marquis of Westminster with our candidates, clients and good friends. The prosecco was flowing and chips (sweet potato we’ll have you know) were being eaten. We were all there to listen to Kiko Matthews talk about her incredible solo transatlantic adventure in 2018. Our guests were all transfixed on the enormity of her row. The talk was factual, fascinating and hilarious! For those that don’t know, in January 2018, Kiko Matthews is aiming to row the Atlantic solo. She also wants to break the Women’s world record by 10 days, therefore completing the 3000 miles in 45 days. This would be no mean feat for anyone to achieve, but Kiko is doing it having overcome Cushing’s disease, as well as having the tumour raise it’s ugly head again, a few months ago, with just six months to go until the big row. In 2009, Kiko..

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