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How to ace your…

 It is very busy at Joyce Guiness at the moment; we have so many amazing candidates going in to interview, so we thought that a blog on interview tips would be appropriate for both the seasoned interviewers and those which are slightly newer to the process. With anything, a certain amount of preparation needs to take place and interviews are no different. It is important to research the company thoroughly: this includes looking at the interviewer’s LinkedIn, finding out about what exactly it is the company does, what your role will entail and any other relevant information, perhaps a recent news story on it. Doing research will help with settling your nerves as well as giving you useful information which can help you answer any difficult questions in a comprehensive way. It also gives you a chance to show off your knowledge of the company. INTERVIEW DRESS The way that you dress for the interview depends on the company. If they are a finance company it tends to be corporate which means going smart (suit/ dress). However, a creative company maybe more relaxed, for instance chinos/ smart trousers and a suit and jumper! It is good to research what type of company you are going to and how corporate it is. Although, always go respectively dressed and with hair tidy for any interview as first impressions are key. If you..

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