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Uni to go or…

Coming to the end of A-levels two years ago most have vague ideas on what they want to do or at least had some inkling on where they wanted to end up -  or no idea at all. For me this wasn’t the case, I knew exactly where I wanted to be and what I wanted, I personally was set on going into neuroscience and cancer biology. My plans, however, were thwarted by mental health, which is greatly acknowledged now, struggling for four years after losing your best friend can change your perspective on a lot of things which was the case for me personally. Nearing my exams, I decided to throw my plans all out the window and go in the complete opposite direction and not go to university at all. Granted this decision was swayed by having to drop two A-levels due to absence but once I had decided not to go, there was no changing my mind. I ended up traveling the world and experiencing new cultures to try and find my new purpose in life. It was when I got back months later when I heard about Oxford Media and Business School. Oxford Media and Business School gave me a chance to have a qualification allowing me to get into the working world in just a year. The course giving me a particular skill set that..

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