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Thoughts on approaching a…

WLTM - Career.  Must be rewarding, stimulating, challenging, flexible... Some thoughts on how to approach a career plan.   I was very fortunate to join Pip Cox, Managing Director of Joyce Guiness at a tremendously inspiring event hosted by Addie Pinkster and Alex Corley-Smith of Adelpha. The guest speaker was Jan Babiak a frankly awe-inspiring individual and very successful businesswoman. Jan’s words and her story gave us so many thoughts and ideas it is hard to whittle these down to one area however, Jan’s comments around the benefits of a life plan resonated very strongly with Pip and I. We are both fortunate in that we meet a wide variety of candidates across different sectors and at various stages of their careers.  Experience has shown us that individuals can struggle as they leave university or full-time education as they are faced with a smorgasbord of potential career options.  It can be difficult for them to isolate a career path, as well as identifying the right job and company for them. With that, we wanted to take some time to look at how individuals might put together a career plan that will hopefully provide clarity and framework, not only at the start of their working lives, but also potentially as they progress and explore other industries and roles.  Each person is, of course, different and so how you approach your plan..

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