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A greener work environment

Going back and going green. If we have learned something from this crazy Covid existence it is that we need to be more protective of ourselves as well as our environment. You may not be rushing back to the office, you may go back and do a 'Hybrid' work week, but any time you spend there and at home, you can improve your carbon footprint. Simple changes like changing your office search engine, Ecosia is a search engine that is as good as Google/Chrome, etc but the difference is they give back when you use them. Ecosia plant trees when you use them. They use their revenue from ads to plant trees and are free to use! Other simple changes are cycling to work, bring your own coffee, and bring lunch in eco-friendly packaging. Print less, find other ways to share - buy remanufactured ink, do not let computers sit idle turn them fully off, as well as lights that do not need to be on. Take the stairs instead of an elevator, use non-toxic cleaning products to tidy up. Use recycled printing paper, print double-sided, even better yet - use paperless notebooks such as brands like Rocket Books where you can wipe the page clean as well as supplying each page with a code that can be scanned, then add your notes to platforms such as Google Drive One..

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