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Work Experience- First Hand!

Why do Work Experience? What is the relevance of work experience and how can it help you? Right now I am doing a stint of work experience at Joyce Guiness, where I am being made aware of the skills required in a recruitment agency. While this may not show any relevance to future plans and ideas, it will help provide me a very basic foundation and set of skills for whatever career I end up with. Below, I will outline a few reasons why work experience is so important, and the benefits of doing it. Getting a taste for potential careers and jobs is really beneficial. It can help push you in new and exciting directions as you could decide that the jobs you’ve had your heart set on for ever, really isn’t for you after some experience. As well as this, you may find a new ambition and drive for a different career path which is really exciting. Work experience is a great way to quickly show employers your interests and skills on your CV when searching for jobs. This is vital as the competition for jobs are high and can seem overwhelming, but, by securing experience in a range of careers can really make you stand out from other candidates. Having this on your CV will increase your chances of getting offers at the places you want as..

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