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Climate Change

Climate change, literally a hot topic! Team JG discuss it a lot and we are all conscious to make wise/eco-friendly choices where we can . Every minute and action counts, even if small, we can work together at home and at the office to make small changes that can make a big difference! The world economic forum said (quote) “The Earth could cross the global warming threshold as soon as 2027”. This is a scary realisation. It is all very well showing support by posting via social media, making a physical change as a business owner, an employee, and a human being, is really the only tangible way we can make an impact. So, we have listed a few ideas below worth thinking about and maybe they will get the Eco Warrior juices flowing!     BUSINESSES We understand as a business ourselves that some of these things can take time so start with the things that can be done now, that are easy and can make your business climate friendly.   Switch to green electricity All businesses are different in their use of electricity, some more than others but everyone, no matter what size should look into cleaning up your electricity emissions by swapping out providers to ones that provide renewable electricity. In the meantime, adjusting your thermostat 2 degrees up in the summer and 2 degrees down in..

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