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Kikplastic 2019

If you follow our blogs and social media, you will know that we have followed Kiko Matthews over the past year or two and you will know what amazing challenges she has overcome. Among other things, in March 2018, Kiko became the fastest woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean as a solo rower. She did this 3284 mile row in 49 days, 7 hours and 15 minutes, which is a whole week faster than the previous record holder. Kiko is now taking on a different challenge; cycling the coast of the UK and Northern Ireland with the intention of raising awareness of the problem of single use plastic. In recent years, the dramatic effects that plastics are having on the environment and the world’s oceans has been much more publicised and more steps are being taken towards the prevention of the amount of plastic. The amount of plastic straws being used has been cut down drastically, people are carrying reusable coffee cups, metal and glass bottles are becoming more and more popular and cotton buds have been changed from plastic to paper stems. Shops are slowly taking steps towards reducing their plastic consumption as well, with new plastic free aisles being introduced by various companies. This change won’t happen overnight however and so the work that people like Kiko are doing is helping to educate the public and support everyone..

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