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The top Christmas Markets…

December has thrown us into the Christmas spirit and trees are appearing in the windows and Christmas jumpers can be seen under jackets and hidden behind scarfs. The manic rush to finish, or start in some cases, your Christmas shopping is setting in and what better place to get ideas for presents than at a Christmas Market. Yes, they’re colder than shops and bring the risk of getting soaked by the random downpours of rain that keep hitting the City, but they are swarmed by cheery people, Christmas music and the smell of mulled wine and delicious food stalls. What better way to tick some items off your list and get in the Christmas spirit? We have compiled a list of the best Christmas Markets in London for you to go to over the forthcoming weekends. Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park It may not come as a surprise to most of you that Winter Wonderland’s Angel’s Market is number 1 on the list. With the opportunity to shop, ice skate, eat and drink, go on rides and watch various shows, there is much more to do than just shop for stocking fillers. The market itself is huge, with roughly 200 miniature chalets, covered in fairy lights and selling a whole variety of different things. You can easily spend a whole day wondering around the market and eating from various food vendors..

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