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Our 2019 Charities

This year at Joyce Guiness we have decided to support two London based charities. With this, we intend to raise awareness for these charities and raise money through hosting an event and setting ourselves a challenge or two throughout the year. We have selected two very different charities and we hope that they will both benefit from our efforts.  The first of these charities is The Graham Hughes International Charity, for patients with Hughes syndrome (also known as “sticky blood”).  This syndrome was only reported for the first time in 1983 and can have serious complications and negative health effects to those who have it.  “Sticky blood” affects all ages, and both sexes.  It is a major cause of thrombosis and a cause of stroke and heart attack if untreated.  It can cause migraine, memory loss, and balance and visual problems.  In women, Hughes syndrome is the most common, treatable cause of recurrent miscarriage. The charity’s aim is: “to educate and empower patients by raising awareness globally about Hughes Syndrome” and to “promote better understanding and management of the condition by medical professionals, thereby improving patient care”.  We hope that through supporting this charity, we will be able to raise awareness to help reduce the number of people affected. The second charity that we have selected is They Mayhew. This is a charity that’s aim is to inform, change and..

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