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New Year, New You!

We hear you, it was the day after Boxing Day, you were sitting there in a food coma and slightly champagne’d out. The thought of New Year resolutions were swirling through your head and it was then that you decided you would stop eating sugar, never drink again, become a gym bunny and look for a new job. Here at Joyce Guiness, we love helping people and this blog is going to give you top tips for sticking to the New Year Resolutions!   From gym classes to finding New Jobs we are here to help! GYM CLASSES When it is dark, cold and rainy it is easy to make excuses why either you cannot go to the gym before work or that you are too tired to go after work. One way to combat this is to sign up for a class. If you drop out, you are not only letting the instructor down, but also someone else who might have gone! There are plenty of amazing classes in London to suit everyone’s needs and even if you just do one once you have to see what you are missing! BARRE CORE Barre Core is Clare’s favourite! It is set apart from most classes because it uses a barre to tone and shape all your muscles. In their words you will leave the class feeling like ‘bambi’. PSYCLE LONDON Psycle..

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