The Summer of Healthy Living


Despite what the weather would suggest, we in the midst of summer.

Summer always brings about the need to ditch the sugar and pick up the slightly healthy alternative. Here at JG we’ve hopped on this bandwagon and have become obsessed with all things to do with healthy drinks. It’s an easy way to get your vitamin fix without going OTT.

1) Mello Drinks

We love this drink. It is made simply of pressed and de-seeded watermelons. It’s the perfect way to keep cool and refreshed during the ‘hot’ summer.  A drink full of mineral, vitamins and antioxidants that gives you that healthy boost.

2) What a Melon

This is a drink which you won’t find on the shop shelves just yet, but it sounds utterly delicious. Ahead of its launch in July we thought we’d do our research on this new and exciting drink.  It is jumping on the watermelon bandwagon and is made of 100% watermelon = 100% natural. Those that have been lucky enough to taste it state it’s better than coconut water.


3) Innocent

When you talk about healthy drinks you couldn’t possibly not mention Innocent – smoothies, juices, bubbles the lot. They are jam-packed with 100% fruit and veg but taste unbelievably yummy. They use over 36 different types of fruit and veg, with at least 5 different fruits in every smoothie. There is even one portion of fruit in one of their bubble cans, so you can treat yourself to a refreshing drink and it is 100% guilt-free.


4) Rebel Kitchen

This is another healthy drink that we all love in the office. A dairy free drink made of coconut milk with the taste of chocolate, coffee, banana and heaps more. Even better still, these tasty drinks can be used to make some tasty treats.

A yummy No Bake Protein Bar

Sweet Chai Mugcake


Make sure you check them all out this summer (or what’s left of it!)