Interview hints

Find out as much as you can before you get there– forewarned is forearmed! 

Your consultant will have found out as much as they can about your upcoming interview, for example who you are meeting and what their role is. You might even find that other candidates have been for interviews and we can give you some idea of what to expect, so do ask.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! 

Such a cliché, but so true… make sure you know as much as you can about the company before you arrive, you will feel more confident and it never fails to impress. Don’t just Google their website, try and find some articles that have been written about them, and check LinkedIn for information on the people that will be interviewing you… but be careful, there’s a fine line between research and stalking!

Dress to impress. 

You can talk to your consultant about the dress code of the office you are visiting but, nine times out of ten, you should wear a suit. Don’t worry if the office is less formal when you get there – it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. It goes without saying, but don’t turn up with a takeaway coffee or your sunglasses on your head (you’d be surprised!).

Ask questions. 

An interview is a two way street, so you need to ask questions that will allow you to get as much information about the company as possible – that said, don’t ask questions that you could have found the answers to online, it will make you look lazy. Instead, ask things that won’t be in the public domain such as:

  • How long was the last person in this role?
  • Why are the leaving?
  • Is there any scope for development?
  • Will there be any training offered?

Practise makes perfect.

Check some interview questions online and look at some suggested answers, perhaps ask a friend to rehearse a mock interview with you. You might feel a bit silly doing it, but it is a really good way to prepare. Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but we can advise on interview techniques and even put you in touch with people to help.

Finish on a good note. 

Remember to smile, shake hands, and thank the interviewer for their time.


Give us a call straight after your interview and let us know how it is – clients often call us straight after, and you look very efficient if you have already called in and let us know how it went. If you are not successful with an interview, don’t be afraid to ask us why. Most of the time (but not always) we can ask clients for feedback, and you can put this to good use in future interviews.