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As the end of January is around the corner, we thought we could squeeze in one more January themed message…

We didn’t want to start 2022 with the “New Year, new you” mantra.  Instead, we think it’s time to say New Year, old you is good too – and to embrace life and its flaws.  Perfectly imperfect…nothing is ever completely right so to weigh up, work with and capitalise on the positives is far more empowering than getting caught up on what’s negative.

Buddha once said, “Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

Of course, it’s vital to be alive to how to avoid or step around problematic hurdles that life can throw at you.  However, emotional or operational curve balls are inevitable, so acceptance of the potential for challenge is a much more positive approach, and key to not becoming overwhelmed or consumed by whatever the problem is.  We then can be more objective about working towards a conscious solution.  From this we can grow, personally, emotionally, and professionally.

That said, it’s hard to maintain a positive frame of mind when the media narrative can be so negative.  Of course, experiences are not universal, but it’s a worthwhile exercise to ask yourself what did a Covid year bring that was actually positive?  Having chatted to many clients and candidates the list is surprisingly long.

Feedback is that many good things have come from a second year operating around Covid that should be celebrated, as changes have become embedded as common practice.  Many have re-connected with their communities, some have moved out of the city or are just enjoying working more from home, with less daily commuting.   There’s plenty of rebuilding to be done – but also we see it as a time of great opportunity.  Businesses, and their employees, have learnt to find new routes to success in the face of adversity.

People have found new or reinvigorated old skills.  Pollution has gone down, creativity and concentration on health and mindfulness has gone up.  People are thinking outside the box more than ever and it is making us stay in the moment.

When it comes to mindfulness not everyone has the headspace for things like meditation, but there are other methods that can bring calm without having to get out a meditation pillow, so how about walking it out? Two birds with one stone and all that, get your steps in and your head clear – maybe even learn something along the way!  Counting steps isn’t for everyone, but what can help get more in is time spent with a good podcast, so here a few that we at Joyce Guinness love:

  1. Joe Rogan
  2. Every Little Thing
  3. How to fail
  4. Reply All

In the meantime, we wish you well for whatever 2022 brings, and cut yourself a break every once in a while, and enjoy being perfectly imperfect.