Must Visit Festive Pop Ups this Winter


At this time of year London comes into its prime. There are beautiful lights on every street, Christmas music blaring out from shops and restaurants as well as the most fun, funkiest pop up fayres and pop ups. We are going to tell you our favourite ones that we think you must visit before the festive period is over…



Do you remember way back to the summer, we kept telling you about the amazing little gem called Neverland? Well, they have replaced that summer hotspot to a winter paradise and it is better than you can imagine. Based on Wandsworth Bridge Road, there is something for everyone. For those that want to sit back and relax there are amazing little igloos which you can sit in and look out across the Thames. My personal highlight for Winterland is the games that are available to play. They can range from Prosecco Pong (how can you resist?!), table tennis and even curling. Perhaps you and your friends could be in the Olympic curling team 2018! Similar to Neverland, the food at Winterland is nothing short of delicious. There are fondues, steak frittes and raclette burgers, something for everyone.


Kew Gardens Light Display

 Although personally I have never visited the Kew Gardens light display, it fills me with jealousy when I come across people that have. I am sure, like me, you would have seen the facebook videos and photos, however, I am not sure that it would prepare you for how amazing the display which Kew Gardens put on is. There are over a million lights put up around the trees, buildings and ground to make for a truly spectacular sight. As well as this, there are roasting marshmallows, mulled wine and chestnuts to make you feel extra festive. If you are in the company of young children, there is a North Pole cave where they can meet Father Christmas and jump on a vintage fairground ride. Kew Gardens is top of my list to visit this Christmas and I am sure it should be on yours as well.


 Backyard Cinema- Mercado Metropolitano   

The backyard cinema is so much fun! Think of all your favourite Christmas films.. then add that to an ice palace with comfy bean bags and a bag at the back of the room.  Getting into the cinema is an adventure in itself. You go through an ice tunnel with a lamp full of lights, change your shoes for snow boots and go on into the potions room before settling down to watch the film.  The cinema is based in Mercado Metropolitano so if you are hungry before or after there is gourmet food to keep you satisfied. My personal recommendation would be the pasta stall, homemade tortellini with butter and sage- YUMMY!


Wintertime, Southbank

Southbank is such a fun area of London, so by default their Christmas market must be fun (I can vouch that it is)! There are lots of different food stalls, including, fish and chips, curries, hot dogs and burgers. For those with a sweet tooth, there are mini chocolate dipped doughnuts, churros and marshmallows.  The Rekorderlig Cider Lodge is a real highlight. I had the mulled plum cider, the friends I was with had cinnamon and apple cider. There are seats for you to sit down and the general atmosphere is great. The real highlight of Wintertime is the Finnish rooftop sauna where you can sit in the warmth with a drink whilst taking in the incredible views of London which Southbank has to offer. Tickets go quickly so I recommend booking!


Winter Wonderland

 What would Christmas in London be without a trip to Winter Wonderland? I do not even know where to start with this one… There is such a massive range of rides, including the biggest transportable ride in Europe, swirly in the air rides and your more traditional tea cups. The range of bars is as big as the rides and includes, an ice bar for those who really want to get in the winter mood, a karaoke bar which has all the best Christmas songs on tape and of course the big beer tent. This Bierfasl tent has live bands (some better than others), a great choice of drinks and the best atmosphere you could find in London. Of course, being Winter Wonderland there is ice skating, food markets and everything else which goes with it.


This list shows just a few of our favourites from around London. We hope that you get the chance to visit them!


Happy Festive Period Everyone!!

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