#JGStories – Indy Bamber

Ingy story

This week, we spoke to our new Resourcer and Office Coordinator, Indy Bamber. Indy joined the team permanently at the beginning of March having worked at a school for over a year. This week we asked Indy some questions about herself and the decisions that she has made to end up where she is today, working t Joyce Guiness. She tells us why she didn’t go to university as well as her decision to stay in London, having spent a lot of time here when she was growing up. We hope you enjoy getting to know Indy as much as we have! If you are a client of candidate and would like the chance to feature as one of our #JGStories, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

  1. Why did you decide not to go to University?

The main reason I decided not to go to university was because I didn’t have one subject that I was set on studying. I am an outgoing and sociable individual and so thought that I would go down a more practical route and put my skills into place. That was when I came to the decision to enrol at Quest Professional. Quest is a secretarial course which provides young individuals with the key skills to get into the workplace. I decided to do the 9 month course which provided me both with business skills and personal assistant skills. It was a fantastic course where I learnt a vast amount and met some really fabulous people who were in the same situation as me.  People often ask me, do you regret not going to university? And my answer is always NO! If you are unsure on university, do explore the other options, as now I am 2 years into employment with no debt and I am as happy as Larry.


  1. What appealed to you about working in Recruitment?

I think what most appealed to me about recruitment is the fast paced, dynamic environment. I also like the fact that it is partly client facing and this is an aspect of the role that I really enjoy.


  1. You spent a lot of time in London growing up, why have you decided to start your working life here?

Why wouldn’t you want to start your working life here? London is the hub of everything. What I love about London is there is always something to do, whether it’s eating in a new restaurant, drinking at a new bar, visiting a new exhibition or just walking around the beautiful city. Another reason I chose to work in London is because there is a huge amount of opportunity, especially for someone who didn’t go down the usual route of university.


  1. Where is your favourite place in London and why?

My favourite place in London is the Northcote Road in Clapham. There is such a fantastic mix of pubs, bars, restaurants and delicious delicatessen’s. As a serious foodie, I have found myself becoming a regular at the bread stall on a Saturday morning where there is an excellent selection of freshly baked pastries, tarts and sweet treats.


  1. What is your favourite box set?

I am an absolute sucker for any BBC documentaries on crime and investigation so I’d have to say that my favourite is Doctor Foster, if you haven’t watched it make sure you do.