Interviewing Tips


How to make yourself stand out from the crowd when applying or interviewing?

  • Of course first and foremost you need to ensure your CV is spotless – no spelling mistakes, grammar is spot on and all written in the correct and SAME tense
  • You must also of course ensure it covers all the skills, experience and qualifications we have gained to date plus a nice personal profile – make this short and generic or if you are wanting to tailor to the role you are applying for – make sure it is correct and relevant to the job. Feel free to check out our sample Cv on our website for guidance.
  • Create a detailed cover letter – do check out my blog on this, link is below. Cover letters really do give a great insight into who you are, what you like about the role you are applying for and why you feel your experience is relevant – so take some time over this and do plenty of research into the company your applying to.
  • Over the past few months we have been thinking of new ideas that help you stand out and we loved the idea of creating that Elevator Pitch! It’s the perfect short  30-60 second statement! One you can pull out the bag in an interview, on your CV, in a cover letter, or if you happen to find yourself in that elevator with a CEO for example! Just make sure to keep it brief, share your skills, be positive and make sure it is well practied!
  • Going back to your CV and my initial point of making sure all sections are covered, don’t forget to add ‘interests/hobbies’ at the end, this is a great place to share something that could be used as a conversation starter in an interview, share something a little different/ something that might be extra relevant to the role – this will help you show a bit more of your personality outside of your career/ skills and qualifications etc!

We have written some blogs on these and the links you can find below – so please do have a read and we hope it might spark some creativity for you!

***Remember attention to detail on the CV, keep it relevant and be proud of what you have done to date – you got this!

Stay tuned for our next topic!