International Day of the Girl

International Day of the Girl

In case you hadn’t seen, today is International Day of the Girl! This is a celebration to recognise how hard women work to stand up for their rights. Before our morning meeting today, we were discussing which women inspire us and who we really look up to. There were so many past and present that were mentioned, but, we thought that we would mention just a few ladies that really stand out to us.

Our Mothers

Yes, our Mums. All of us decided that these are the women who we really look up to, trust and are able to really rely on in any situation. We completely admire their sympathy, compassion and although it is hard to admit, their brutal honesty on all matters (even if you don’t want to hear it at the time)! Thanks Mums!

The Queen

Does the Queen even need an explanation to why we chose her?! We think that she is totally amazing. At 91, she still has a full time job with the greatest dignity at every event, she is the figurehead of Britain and the longest reining monarch as well as still looking amazing in whatever she wears. We love her!

Adwoa Aboah

This 25 year old model is just an inspiration. As well as being a top supermodel for so many incredible designers, she is doing something which in our eyes is even more fantastic. She has set up a charity called Gurls Talk which is an online platform with the view to empower women. It leads discussions around issues from imagery of black women in the media to the impact of social media’s visual culture. We really admire her and are so interested in how far Gurls Talk can go.

JK Rowling

We discussed how JK Rowling can sometimes get overlooked. We must not forget how she got so many young children and adults reading again with Harry Potter, a book that will last generations. Not only this, but she also donated £10.3 million to charity, supporting social deprivation and multiple sclerosis. As well as this, she has her own Lumos Foundation which aims to close all child institutions and orphanages around the world by 2050. Phwoar what a woman!

Kiko Matthews 

We have been supporting Kiko for a few months now, and every time we think of her it amazes us even more. Trying to row the Atlantic solo, whilst beating the world record is no mean feat in itself, but it’s even more impressive when you have had a return of a tumour and doing it to raise the profile of inspirational women, as well as money for Kings College Hospital. We are so proud to be supporting Kiko!

Michelle Obama

Like the rest of the world, we absolutely love Michelle Obama! We believe she carried off being First Lady with calmness, style and absolute charm. She has set up more charities than we thought possible, to name a few:  Joining Forces- an American initiative to rally around service members, veterans and their families to support them through illness, education and employment opportunities. Another charity being Let Girls Learn, a US government- wide initiative to help girls around the world to go to school and stay in school.  We could have talked about her and all the charitable work she had done all day!

Happy International  Day of the Girl Everybody!