How Work Experience Can Lead to Your Dream Job

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Some people are apprehensive when you mention Work Experience. You may not be asked to get involved with the most exciting and important projects, and it might not last for a huge amount of time, but gaining some work experience could be the best step to take towards getting that perfect role. Of course you won’t be doing your dream job to start with, but due to so much competition for jobs these days, having work experience on your CV is becoming increasingly important.

Work experience is a fantastic opportunity to gain some exposure to office life; how things work, logistics, day-to-day goings on, the different types of roles in an office and generally how the whole office system works.

When a company looks to employ someone for an office role, they often want to see a demonstration of office work – and this is where work experience comes into play. They like to see that you have had an insight into office life. You need something on your CV that demonstrates a capability of getting on with the task at hand without any fuss or drama, and this is exactly what work experience does for you.

Additionally, as well as providing you with a basic understanding, work experience offers the chance to experience an industry that you may not know much about. You can dip your toe in whatever sector you fancy and you can see what you like and don’t like about a job.

If this still doesn’t sway you, just think, if you work really hard and prove yourself, there may be a job waiting for you at the end!

Don’t take just our word for it though, why don’t you have a look at what one of our girls has to say about her week doing work experience…

“Before my work experience, I was very unsure of what direction I was headed in with my career. Joyce Guiness found me a great work experience placement within the interior design sector, which has taught me a lot about the industry and has given me a taste of the real working world. I now feel much more confident about what I want from a job and feel I have been pointed in the right direction.”