Pay rise


It can be daunting when the time for salary reviews come up. It is best to prep yourself ahead of time and be honest about how you feel in the role – if you have exceeded expectations, met goals and been consistent with good time keeping, being a good team player etc. If so then go in with this in mind and remain calm and confident. Have a list (in your head) as to why you feel you deserve the pay rise. It may be that your employer needs some reminding! This way you have all of the information at hand and if it is applicable then also raise any targets and new business that you may have brought in. Employers after all are looking after the bottom line. Should you not receive a pay rise do not be disheartened, it is worth being brave and asking your manager why, it is constructive for you to know, so that you can move forward in an informed way.

It may be worth suggesting that if there are any courses you could take to add to your skill set, it could help out for any further salary reviews in the future.

If you are happy where you are – wait it out and try again, enjoying your job is so important!