Halloween in London


Halloween is fast approaching and with this comes longer nights and colder days, so why not make the most of this change in season and this upcoming spooky evening to do something different. London is a city full of surprises and hidden treasures, so explore them! This year there is a whole host of things that you can do to get your heart pumping and your blood boiling; from doing night tours of cemeteries to a themed boat trip on the Thames. With an array of chilling attractions and haunted venues, make your Halloween extra gory by looking at our selection of things to do! If you are looking for something particularly spooky to do and want to get you sufficiently frightened or if you’re looking for a great venue to dance the night away with all the other ghosts and witches, then look no further. London caters for all of those on and around the 31st of October – no need to miss out on all the fun because Halloween is on a work night!

If you don’t have the luxury of celebrating Halloween on the day, you can celebrate it over the weekend with an array of things happening all over the city. Why not get yourself tickets to the Halloween Ball at the Mansion, where tickets range from £30-£750, but come best dressed and there are prizes to be won! With a secret location and three dance floors, you can dance the night away with lots of spooky figures as you celebrate the night in style. For a night that isn’t going to break the bank, there’s a range of free and cheap nights to be had all over the city, and on the Thames, just make sure to come in your fancy dress.

If you are looking for something that isn’t going to keep you up all night, at least not because of the loud music, then there are still plenty of options. You can go on late night guided walks through some of London’s creepiest cemeteries or go on Jack the Ripper walks. You can also go to the London Bridge Experience or come face to face with most people’s biggest fear, spiders, at ‘In with the Spiders’ at ZSL London Zoo where you can meet the little spiders that you find in your bath to some of the biggest and most dangerous in the world.

There is something for everyone to do in London this Halloween and the events run over the weekend up to the 31st so there is no excuse to miss out on the spooky going ons around the city. Make this year different to the last and do something to remember.

To find out more information, timings and locations, click on the link below.