First Day at Work- Part I

first day
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We have got back to the grindstone and finally resigned ourselves to the fact that winter might actually be coming and Summer 2017 is not going to last forever…  Instead of being sad about the fact that soon our Pimms is going to be replaced by mulled wine, we are focussing our attention on finding our amazing candidates their next dream jobs.


At this time of year, we are really busy with new roles coming in with the influx of graduates and general candidates who are ready to move on and find a new challenge. Therefore, we thought it would be the perfect time to give some tips on what to do when you get that dream job.


The Office


It may come as a given, but make sure that you have done the journey to your new office before. You will not want to give a bad impression and be late on your first day, so you will need to take into account the traffic and the extra time it will take you. Bear in mind that the chances will be that you are doing it in rush hour.

The Eco Warriors out there, who choose to cycle, make sure there is a place to park your bike and a place for you to get changed, as it could create a very awkward situation having to wheel your bike into a new office!


What to Wear


We presume having got your job, you would have seen the office set up at least once and know the general vibe of how smart to dress. If it is a more corporate environment, in most cases, a suit will be worn.  However with more creative places it can be harder to know.  We have had a look at some great work wear and below are some links to our favourite shops to head to for the perfect smart/ casual look.


Zara- where can you go wrong?! They provide smart, practical outfits for every occasion. Their new Autumn winter collection is perfect for the balance of work/ comfort. Check it out!


And Other Stories- this is an often forgotten about gem within the high street brands. They offer some quirky but smart options. Their shoes are the real stand out with some great loafers, as well as some great trainers for the walk into work!


Whistles- admittedly not the cheap option, but who can resist them? They have such amazing clothes and are so easy to wear as well as match with literally ANYTHING you have in your wardrobe. Whilst you are looking, you might as well add a new handbag in as well!!


Cos- Here at JG, we have found many of our work staples in Cos. They do such great jumpers and dresses and at the end of the day, you will literally not want to change into your PJ’s! Take a look at their new stock!



The Week


Starting a new job is always exhausting. Whether you are new to the working world, or have had a healthy career behind you, the concentration and listening which goes in to the first week is very tiring. Our suggestion to you is clear the diary…. As tempting as it is to go and have a drink with friends and discuss the cool office roof top or the free drinks you have on a Wednesday afternoon, don’t do it. If your friends are anything like ours, it will end up being more than one or two drinks and will wipe you out for the next two weeks. Instead, you could go and get some light exercise and completely relax into your new routine, making you refreshed and ready for the coming weeks.


Starting a new job can be really daunting without these little extras worrying you even more. We hope that these little tips put you at ease so that you never have to worry about a work outfit, or being tired for a first job again!