Finding jobs through social media


Over 90% of companies use social media when hiring especially via a recruitment agency platform; It’s an efficient quick and environmentally friendly marketing method for finding candidates. Sites like LinkedIn are top of the list for social media job search(es) with over 400 million followers – this has ramped up the need to be social media savvy and participate as a business to keep up with the everchanging hiring, recruiting and employment trends.

A large percentage of companies will use platform(s) such as Facebook to screen candidates so it is imperative that your online presence and profile have to be clear of any posts, photos or comments that would jeopardise your chances of getting your foot in the door with recruiters and companies in general.

Instagram feeds, stories and blogs are also a quickfire way to get the job details out there to candidates; posting pictures and information that is pleasing to the candidate’s’ feed and links that take them straight to the employment agency – it takes the work out of pounding the pavements and saves time and energy for – both recruiters, candidates and clients.
It’s also a good way of connecting on a human level (believe it or not!) to the recruiter’s – office, team by sharing more than just the new job that comes in – photos of the team on days out, sharing ideas of places to go to eat and giving advice via stories, blogs and podcasts offering advice on interviews and presentation and furthermore how to accept failures as well as achievements.
So, in one swipe you can either find your perfect job, receive an inspirational message to get you through the week or advice on how to get out there and be the best you can be in the workforce!