A DAY IN THE LIFE…..of a temp in London


Temping always seems scary! People see it as the limbo between a job and no job, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is a great opportunity to learn some new skills and learn what you like and don’t like about a job. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what one of our fab candidates has to say about her time temping with JG…


A very good friend of mine gave me some excellent advice in the lead up to my first day temping.  Just before you get to your office listen to some motivational music!  His particular favourite was “Touch the Sky” by the well-known modern day philosopher Kanye West.  It worked for him, and it worked for me!  Go in with your head held high and a smile on your face.  I guarantee your smile will be returned.  Stage one: complete!  As with any job or new experience it can feel like the first day of school, but you’ve survived that and you can survive this.  Remember you are there because they need your assistance.  You wouldn’t be there if you couldn’t do the job, so enjoy it!

The best piece of advice I can offer is don’t be afraid to ask questions.  No question is too silly, and they will appreciate you checking everything through.  One of my most embarrassing first morning  moments might have been when I first sat down at my desk at a tech start-up and couldn’t find the on button for my computer, but at least it broke the ice!

So… now you’re at your desk.  I’m sure whoever you are working with will take you through what you need to do.  Get your stationery, find the loo’s, make a coffee, and breathe!!  Introduce yourself to everyone you meet.  A good idea is to ask if there’s an office plan so you locate people.  Again, just ask!  My favourite place to meet people and get a feel for the place is the coffee machine.  You will learn a lot!

Whether the temp role is for a day, a week or longer, the hardest bit for me has always been saying goodbye.  You will be amazed at how quickly you fit in and it starts to feel like “home”.  Remember what you’ve learned and the skills you have gained.  Work hard and enjoy it.  Although temping can be difficult, it allows you to dip your toe into different industries and see what’s out there.  Enjoy it, you never know what it might lead to.