Cover Letters


Accompanying your CV with a well written cover letter is a great way to create that memorable ‘first
impression’ for the person reviewing your application, and therefore increasing your chance to
secure that all important interview!

As you can imagine, employers receive many applications for vacant roles, and a clear and concise
cover letter will increase your opportunity of showing your suitability for the role. You can use this
letter to highlight to the employer/ recruiter the relevant skills that you believe align with the role
you are applying for, as well as the key points that drew you to both it, but just as importantly, the

From experience and research, CVs accompanied with a cover letter are often more favoured when
reviewing applications. However, it is imperative that the cover letter is not too long, is to the point,
and is mistake free. Remember, this is your chance to shine!

To that end, when writing your cover letter ensure it is no more than 1 page, aligns your relevant
skills to the role being advertised, and shows your interest in the specific role you are applying for.

Key pointers:
Research the company thoroughly and highlight your interest in them specifically
Make sure there are no mistakes – attention to detail is very important just as it is in the CV
Keep it concise and ensure all points made are specific to the role you are applying for
Add your personality where you can, enthusiasm and interest will go a long way!