Commitment is not necessarily for everyone; commitment can be a word that feels loaded for some, or suggests a feeling of being trapped, something you can’t escape, boredom.

Flip this thinking on its head for a moment. When and where can we feel not just the emotional but the practical benefits of commitment? Work is one very clear answer to that question. Staying in the right role for a sustained period brings many benefits and opportunities; it helps keep you grounded, achieve measurable goals and brings us the security to plan for the day to day and the future – be it for life’s essentials, mortgages, big dreams or holidays.

Committed employees retain a landscape of tangible reference points which they can use to evolve expectations, make new goals and strive to push known boundaries and achieve more. With commitment comes a natural endurance that leads to hard work and the ability to plot the pathway towards your dreams, that’s the kind of commitment we are talking about, a positive commitment.

When you are interviewing for your next role, or just putting a toe in the water to see what’s out there for you, here are some guidelines to follow and questions to ask to make sure your next role is one you truly want – and one where you can foresee longevity:

  • Are there parts of the job specification that you like or dislike? That’s ok, not everything will be exactly what you want, but your main responsibilities need to be something that you are at least enthused by.
  • Does the role bring room for growth in spite of whether you are highly ambitious or not? Do you see yourself there in the future, or wanting to grow with the company?
  • Have you done your research on the company? Dig deep and see if you can get a good sense of their ethos – will you / they be a good fit? Do you have the same outlook, interests, and philosophies?
  • Why are you interviewing or looking for a new role? What is it that you are not getting from the current situation you are in?
  • Does this new role/company excite you? Do you think it will fulfil you?

The right job is so much easier to commit to, so get it right and commitment can really work in your favour – change the narrative and let it work for you.