Bringing Your Dream Role to Life – Faye Kilgour, the ‘What If’ Coach

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What if I told you that you could dream your ideal role into reality? Or more specifically, create it? This might sound like madness but stay with me and let me tell you how you can do just that.


Before I continue, allow me to introduce myself. I am Faye, a Purpose & Life Coach otherwise known as The ‘What If’ Coach. I specialise in supporting individuals to go from feeling lost and frustrated to feeling focused and inspired. I am a trained Coach, I’ve studied BSc (Hons) Psychology and I am fascinated with learning about the power of the mind. Why? Because our minds create our entire reality and when you learn to shift your mindset, you can literally change your entire world. I appreciate this concept may feel a little out there right now but stay with me.


If I had to take a guess, you are likely searching for jobs by scrolling through job adverts and applying for ones you think you are capable of doing. Am I right? This is certainly one way, but I’m here to suggest that there is a much more powerful way to create the role you want. You see, whatever you feed your mind and your subconscious, it will begin to look for in the world. Your subconscious does not know the difference between what is real and what is not, it has no ‘truth’, and so it will take on board whatever you choose to feed it. Therefore, I want to emphasise you need to feed it the good stuff!


To get started, sit down and write a list of the top five things (or more) that you want from a job. Go big. Don’t play small with what you think you can get but what you want. What salary do you want? What things do you want to be responsible for? What cause or mission do you want to contribute to? What would be the ideal working environment? Working hours? Development opportunities? Flexibility? Get really specific. Then I want you to list how you want to feel. We have become conditioned to think we have to feel a certain way about work (and our life) but the simple fact is we don’t. Do you want to feel freedom? Fun? Accomplished? Developed? Calm? List it all down. Why is this so important you ask? Because when you get clear on this, you will search with a different perspective and now your faithful mind, which is your powerful servant, will be programmed to look for your dreams, even when you might not be conscious of it. And here is the even more powerful thing, committing these desires to paper actually attracts these opportunities to you too. Don’t believe me? I dare you to try. What do you have to lose?


Let me share with you my experience. I was unemployed and looking for work as a coach. It’s not your average 9-5 role and I just couldn’t find the steady role I wanted. So, I sat down and committed to paper exactly what I wanted. I wanted a specific salary, to work near to where I lived, the role to be flexible, to make an impact and still be linked to coaching. Now here is where the magic happens. You have to be willing for it to look different to what you thought it might. A few days later, I went for coffee with a friend from a university I had done some training with. I had been thinking about returning to education to get my first ever degree and she explained if you work at a university, you don’t necessarily have to pay for the course fees. To top it off, the university was a 22 minute walk from my house and they had a PA role open. Now, the salary was not what I had written, however my wage and fees combined were. Now I am in the third year of my psychology degree which is three days a week, I work at the university the other two and my role is focused on coaching. I even get to teach a coaching programme to our students and also run my own private coaching practice.


So you see, you are the creator of your life and let’s be honest, if you don’t create it who will? That’s not to say don’t be humble, hustle hard when you need to and be open to alternative suggestions. However, want I want to emphasise is you don’t need to be at the ‘mercy of the industry’ or cram yourself into a box you don’t want to be in. You are more powerful than you have ever imagined and learning these small tools and techniques, you will be able to access your greatness more fully. I wish you all the best with whatever you chose to dream up what is next for you!



Faye Kilgour, The ‘What If’ Coach.


*** Faye specialises in supporting individuals to go from feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and lost to feeling inspired, focused and ready to indulge in the ‘What If’ of life.


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