Benefits of Temporary Work


Benefits of Temp Work 


Nicky has recently joined us to build up the temp desk at Joyce Guiness. We thought that in honour of this, we would explore the advantages of doing temporary work. Understandably, lots of people dismiss temp work in order to focus on getting a permanent role but temping can vary in length and sector and can come with many benefits. Here, Nicky gives us her top tips on temping and the benefits surrounding it.

“When I first moved to London, I didn’t know many people or know what I wanted to do. Temping gave me the opportunity to make new friends whilst delving into different sectors which ultimately led me to the creative sector and now recruitment. Each person is different but you don’t know what you want until you try. Temping gives you that flexibility without having to worry if it doesn’t work for you. You aren’t tied into contracts, you have the ability to dip in and out and keep trying until you find what is right for you. I have temped in many different industries and have met some of the most amazing people along the way. I have also learnt so much which has really helped me grow as a person. Due to this, it has given me the insiders view point of what it’s like to temp which is why when I came into register at JG, I ended up joining them to run the temp desk!”



When you are first starting out and with so many different sectors to choose from, it is often difficult to know exactly which one will suit you/what you actually want to do. Temping gives you the opportunity to have a taster of many different sectors, whilst being paid at the same time! You also get this amazing opportunity of learning new skills and getting used to new systems, which could benefit you as well as improving your CV. There are so many tricks and tips out there that you don’t get taught at school/college/university. Each company will have different ways of operating, which means that naturally your skill set will grow when adapting to these different styles. This is so beneficial for later on along the line with showing your ability to take on new tasks.



Moving to a new office means new faces and this means new professional and personal relationships too. The people I have met along the way, I am still in contact with today whether in a professional or personal capacity. Temping gives you the opportunity to meet so many people from a range of areas. You also can learn from these people whilst gaining insight into how they and the business operate. The people you meet when you temp could help you further down the road whether it be using their services or expertise. Not only this, but the people you meet when you temp become your friends. If you are new to an area, temp work can be a fantastic way of meeting new people and forming a support base around you. I found this so beneficial when I first moved to London. Most of my friends had moved abroad for work or had stayed back home. Essentially, I was starting afresh which was quite nerve-racking. When you are temping whether it’s for a short or longer period of time, they want you to succeed and to get on with the job and they will give you the best information they can to help you flourish.



Temp work allows you to take time for yourself, if you have been in a full on job and want a bit of a break, but still need to earn money to tide you over, temping is the key. You are in charge of when you work and how long the temp work is for. It also gives you a chance to really think about your career and what you want to do with it. Temp work allows you to take time for yourself. You are in charge of when you work and how long the temp work goes on for. Therefore, the decision is in your hands whether you work once a week, for a three week period or even just once a month intermittently. If you are looking for a permanent job at the same time, make sure that the company you temp for is happy for you to go out to interview during the day.



If you work hard and excel in your temp work, there will sometimes be the option to go permanent.  This can work well for both you as the candidate and the company you work for. It will give you a chance to “try before you buy” and see if the company and job you are doing really motivates and excites you.


If you are interested in doing temp work through Joyce Guiness, please do not hesitate to get in contact with

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